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Natural Dentistry/Are Silver Mercury Fillings Poisoning You? True Facts To Help You Decide.

Are Silver Mercury Fillings Poisoning You? True Facts To Help You Decide.

Monday, October 31, 2022

Silver metal fillings (technically called Amalgams) rarely last a lifetime.
Most of us first got them as children, decades ago. 

Amalgam fillings contain over 50% MERCURY, a very toxic substance. 

Recent studies have reported that Mercury collects in the fat tissues of the body (from all sources of Mercury, like fillings and fish) and may contribute to illnesses like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer, just to name a few. There are tests available, to determine the levels of heavy metals present in the body.

But WAIT there's MORE "good news" . . .

Every time we bite down on these fillings, we put enormous pressure on the entire tooth structure. Over time the tooth weakens and cracks. The filling itself can also break apart, crack and become loose. Then sugar and saliva get UNDER the filling, causing NEW cavities to form in the original tooth. Sometimes we may notice a twinge (commonly called a Zinger) when we eat something sweet . . . what was THAT you ask yourself?!

Unknown to us, these teeth now become a TIMEBOMB because of the hidden new cavities destroying the inside of the tooth. The BIG problem is, there may not be any pain while this is happening!

Teeth with amalgam fillings need to be x-rayed and photographed regularly, to look for signs of new cavities forming. The earlier we catch the problem, we can avoid serious damage to our teeth.

When this type of filling is removed, it needs to be done by a "Mercury-Safe" dentist. This means that the dentist has special equipment and training to PROTECT us during the removal process. Very few dentists have these skills and equipment.

Next, the tooth needs to be rebuilt properly after the Amalgam is safely removed. This may require more than just a new white composite filling. Depending on your bite, personal health and the surrounding teeth, the dentist may recommend an Onlay (partial crown/cap) or a full Crown/Cap on the tooth.

Amalgam fillings are often in the back teeth, which take the most force when we chew. The rebuild has to be STRONG. Some patients may ask the dentist to replace it with a white composite filling because it is usually the least expensive. This may not be the best long-term choice and may put your tooth at risk of FRACTURING (breaking into pieces, bye-bye).

Your teeth CAN last a lifetime, if the right maintenance choices are made. This is not the place to "save money". You want the highest-quality materials used by the most experienced dentist. Remember that this is not a TV which you'll upgrade in 5-years. These are part of your BODY, which should last for many, many years if you take care of them.

Don't wait until the last minute (like the night before you are leaving for a vacation) to realize that your tooth "doesn't feel quite right". Treat that situation now, with the latest BIO-COMPATIBLE materials and "Mercury-Safe" techniques.

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